Episode 52: The Great Wall


We watched The Great Wall. And we have questions. What happened to Matt Damon? Is he OK? And why isn’t Pedro Pascal in all the movies ever?

Jump onto the nearest precarious hot air balloon and join us in our discussion of this super strange but crazy fun film!

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Episode 51: Never Never


We encounter one of our most confounding subjects yet with Malcolm’s pick, a new book by James Patterson co-authored by Candice Fox.

Does this nonsensical book possibly have the most unlikable protagonist of all time? Is she also the worst detective in the history of the genre? Can YOU make it back to the camp alive? Also, how bad are our Australian accents? Answer: They’re indescribably bad so you’ll have to listen to find out.

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Episode 50: 2012


For our 50th episode we choose to embrace the apocalypse. We have so many questions… How many actual times do planes take off over magma filled rifts in the earth? Also what exactly does count as a tearful goodbye? And in the end, how many of us still need our pull ups? All this and more in this action packed episode!

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Episode 49: Underworld Blood Wars



It is Matt’s pick and what oh what should we think about the latest installment in this “epic” vampire versus werewolves movie series? Does Kate Beckinsale deserve better? And exactly how many of these characters and plot points were actually in the previous films? Some, but not all, of your questions are answered as we delve into this mediocre but entertaining property.

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Check out our inaugural episode!

Episode 48: Ernest Saves Christmas



Coming to you from Sunny Orlando and, most importantly, home of Ernest, we discuss Malcolm’s pick, the 1988 movie Ernest Saves Christmas!

Did he actually save Christmas, and what does Matthew think about the Christmas mechanics at work in this complexly plotted film? Join us and special guest Chris to find out!

Episode 47: Return of the King and Rogue One


In this dark time it’s up to us all to find hope in the smallest, most unlikely of places.

In this episode we discuss Peter Jackson’s 2003 film Return of the King, and stay tuned after recommendations for a spoiler discussion of the new film, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

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Episode 46: Infinity’s Shore


Join us in the Uplift universe, an amazing sci fi creation that, it turns out, is one of those things that you don’t realize is┬ácrazy until you start talking about it out loud. We had a great time discussing these beloved and smart, but also insane, books. Give it a listen and let us know what you think.


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