Episode 79: The Firm


This episode Matthew picks the early 90s legal thriller “The Firm”. Tom Cruise has sex on a beach, Gene Hackman has a drinking problem and a really cool tub, and the girl from Water World has an adorable dog! What’s her name? No one knows anymore! Also, Holly Hunter is in this movie! Also, so are a lot of Xerox machines and a man waving a stamped envelope around! They play a bigger role than you might expect. AND Gary Busey is also in there… for a second…Ok, ok, so this is kind of a weird movie… Join us in discussing it and stay tuned for our next Tom Cruise legal thriller episode… coming soon!

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Episode 45: Encino Man


Back from the stone age of the 1990s here is the movie that does the impossible… that’s right…it makes Pauly Shore more likable than Sean Astin… It’s Malcolm’s pick, the 1992 comedy ENCINO MAN. Featuring special guest Chris and a whole lot of indignant rage on my part.

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Oh and Brendan  Fraser is in it too.

Episode 42: In the Mouth of Madness


In honor of the spooky month of October, we discuss Malcolm’s pick: the 1994 John Carpenter movie, In the Mouth of Madness. And boy is it ever full of madness, and mouths. Can Malcolm’s enthusiasm for this maddeningly interesting but chaotic film win Matt and I over? Or will Matt end up dubbing it “The Mouth of Shittiness”? Join us on our journey into the madness mouth to find out!

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Episode 35: Scream



In which we discuss the original 1996 movie Scream, directed by Wes Craven and starring a bunch of people whose names you vaguely remember from the 90s! It was both my and Matt’s first time seeing this film. Could we guess the killer? And what did we think of it? And does Fonzie or Henry Winkler or the high school principal get it? Listen to find out!

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