Episode 73: Dune (Mini Series)


The siblings are discussing Matt’s pick, the definitely not at all cheesy 2000 Syfy (then still Scifi) mini series Dune. And we discuss everything you didn’t realize you wanted to know, including giant spice worm human god hybrids!

Would this show make any sense at all to someone who hadn’t read the book or would it just be a mad fever dream of BRIGHT blue eyes, oddly deep voiced women, worms, and fat men? Also, just how ashamed should Scifi be of their CGI? Get your spice fix and give us a listen!

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Episode 58: Red Sister



What kind of army DO you have to have to kill a nun? And how many times can a nun get knocked unconscious and NOT suffer a debilitating head injury? Find out by listening to our discussion of the newly released Red Sister by Mark Lawrence, the rollicking sci fi / fantasy ninja nun adventure!

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Episode 22: Fulgrim



Brutal carnage! Xenocide! Giant concrete monster Gods! And of course, snake demons! ¬†What do Malcolm and I think of Matt’s pick from the Warhammer 40k universe, the novel¬†Fulgrim by Graham McNeill? Listen to find out, you may be surprised. Hint, there’s way less angry shouting than the last time Matt picked a book, and ultimately peace reigns supreme. (Unlike in the book.)

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