Episode 93:Citizen Kane


NEWS ON THE MARCH! After our brief Holiday hiatus, we venture into the past with the earliest movie we’ve ever seen, and arguably the most famous, Citizen Kane! We discuss this classic film about the great man who, in Matt’s words, “is just kind of a dick to a lot of people.” But WHY is he a dick? To find out what we think, give this episode a listen!

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Episode 84: Foundation 2 and 3 by Isaac Asimov


We’re coming back from a fun summer break to discuss Asimov’s number 2 and 3 entries into his Foundation series, Foundation and Empire and Second Foundation. Hari Seldon: Genius trailblazer or nerdy loser? The Mule: Military messiah or crazed failure? Second Foundation: Weirdo stalkers or Psychic badasses? Find out by listening to our triumphant return to the podcast universe.

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Episode 78: The Boss Baby



Malcolm thought he was sentencing us all to certain doom when he picked last years OSCAR NOMINATED animated feature “The Boss Baby”. Little did he know that one night, mid-way through viewing, he would receive this shameful text from me.

“I. love. Boss Baby.”

Did everyone succumb to this immortal entity’s thrall, or did some resist? Listen to find out!

Episode 69: Thor: Ragnarok


Celebrate Thanksgiving with our family this year and listen as we discuss Matt’s pick, the latest Marvel universe installment– Thor:Ragnarok.

Who could argue over this charming, funny movie? Well, for the most part not us, except maybe a little. Oh well, at least we don’t summon a demon and cause the end of the world. Or do we? Listen and find out.

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