Episode 63: Seven Samurai



Sometimes things happen that alter history as we know it. Aliens attack, bandits attack, you start eating Millet… and then suddenly you’ve lost an entire podcast episode. That’s what happened when we promised you an Attack the Block episode. The aliens didn’t like it, and they took their revenge. It is a sad day in the realm.

But wait! Put your hands to your brow to block the sun and peer into the horizon. You see emerging from the ashes seven heroes come into focus, and suddenly there is a brand new episode all about Kurosawa’s classic 1954 film, Seven Samurai.

Be brave friends, and listen. You won’t regret it!

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Episode 53: Get Out


All three of us agree that writer/director Jordan Peele’s debut film “Get Out” is pretty great, but don’t worry, we still find many things to disagree on. So many in fact, that this is our longest episode to date! Listen to Matt describe what the cool kids are doing nowadays with the “Get Out Challenge” and find out if I really hate skinny white girls. (I don’t but it probably sounds like I do in this episode.)

Note:  We do spoil this film, and you really should see it, so make sure to do that before you listen.

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Episode 24: Journey to the West


In this episode we discuss the 2013 Chinese film “Journey to the West”. Malcolm summarizes this crazy but fun movie, and we talk killer monkey men and the benefits and dangers of experiencing different cultures through film.  Join us for all that plus lots of blood, demons and romance!


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Episode 16: The Martian


This week we discuss another current movie, The Martian! Matt immediately insults all NASA employees and simultaneously everyone we went to high school with. Meanwhile, I talk a lot about the differences between the movie and the book, as I am well read and brilliant, much to Malcolm and Matt’s delight, and late in the game Malcolm reveals that he suffers from a disorder where he cannot tell Bryce Dallas Howard and Jessica Chastain apart.

In the end though, we all just really like this movie, and peace ensues.

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