Episode 66: Ghost in the Shell Movie


We discuss and argue about both a League of Legends tournament and the newest anime inspired film, Ghost in the Shell. How many flashing lights can I identify as polar bears while watching other people play a computer game? Is there actually an interesting movie that exists behind Scarlett Johansson’s flesh colored bio suit? For definite answers to these mysteries of the universe, give us a listen to find out what we think!

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Episode 65: It



Get ready to float with us and listen to one of our most in depth discussions yet, about the new 2017 release of the movie “It”. We loved It, we hated It, and two of us especially were pretty terrified of It. Find out who was who by giving us a listen!

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Episode 64: Little Evil



Welcome to the newest installment of “The Omen Cast” the podcast where three siblings take turns reviewing spoofs of “The Omen”.

But really, this week we discuss yet another take on the story of “The Omen”, a Netflix original movie written and directed by Eli Craig of Dale and Tucker Versus Evil fame.

Malcolm and I agree to disagree whether this flawed movie is a lot of fun or just kind of irritating. Meanwhile Matt and his dog become one and are afraid of pumpkins.

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Episode 63: Seven Samurai



Sometimes things happen that alter history as we know it. Aliens attack, bandits attack, you start eating Millet… and then suddenly you’ve lost an entire podcast episode. That’s what happened when we promised you an Attack the Block episode. The aliens didn’t like it, and they took their revenge. It is a sad day in the realm.

But wait! Put your hands to your brow to block the sun and peer into the horizon. You see emerging from the ashes seven heroes come into focus, and suddenly there is a brand new episode all about Kurosawa’s classic 1954 film, Seven Samurai.

Be brave friends, and listen. You won’t regret it!

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Episode 61: Baby Driver


With the first mind change in our podcast’s history, Malcolm and Matt manage to convince me and special guest Chris that this movie is actually pretty good.

But first, would you rather have a demon clown or a demon wishing box? Also, we experience the breathtaking realizations that Jamie Foxx is scary and Ansel Elgort is a cool name to say out loud.

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Episode 57: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2



Can you hate baby Groot and still have a soul? Can you cry alone in the theater at a Marvel movie and still maintain your dignity? And can anyone dislike the fun and funny Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2? At least where the three of us are concerned, the answer is no.

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Episode 52: The Great Wall


We watched The Great Wall. And we have questions. What happened to Matt Damon? Is he OK? And why isn’t Pedro Pascal in all the movies ever?

Jump onto the nearest precarious hot air balloon and join us in our discussion of this super strange but crazy fun film!

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