Episode 61: Baby Driver


With the first mind change in our podcast’s history, Malcolm and Matt manage to convince me and special guest Chris that this movie is actually pretty good.

But first, would you rather have a demon clown or a demon wishing box? Also, we experience the breathtaking realizations that Jamie Foxx is scary and Ansel Elgort is a cool name to say out loud.

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Episode 57: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2



Can you hate baby Groot and still have a soul? Can you cry alone in the theater at a Marvel movie and still maintain your dignity? And can anyone dislike the fun and funny Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2? At least where the three of us are concerned, the answer is no.

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Episode 52: The Great Wall


We watched The Great Wall. And we have questions. What happened to Matt Damon? Is he OK? And why isn’t Pedro Pascal in all the movies ever?

Jump onto the nearest precarious hot air balloon and join us in our discussion of this super strange but crazy fun film!

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Episode 50: 2012


For our 50th episode we choose to embrace the apocalypse. We have so many questions… How many actual times do planes take off over magma filled rifts in the earth? Also what exactly does count as a tearful goodbye? And in the end, how many of us still need our pull ups? All this and more in this action packed episode!

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Episode 44: Grey Gardens


Join us in the grey derelict ruin that is our current reality, where even when the likes of Jackie O steps in to bail you out, in a few short years you still dissolve into a kingdom ruled by raccoons and decay.

Have no idea what I’m talking about? Give this episode a listen. If you like seeing raccoons eating Wonder Bread and listening to Matthew descend into insanity, this one’s for you!

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Episode 39: Harry and the Hendersons


In which we take a nostalgic trip back to 1987 for the creature feature produced by Steven Spielberg, but directed by William Dear, Harry and the Hendersons. Is he an offputting disturbing monster, or a charming creature of the forest sent here to teach us a lesson? Also who is the best character, and how much do we remember from watching this as children? Listen to find out!


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Episode 35: Enter the Dragon



In which we discuss Enter the Dragon! Bruce Lee’s English language full feature debut, and tragically his last film. We talk more about Matthew Broderick movies of the 90s than you might expect, but just as much as you deserve.

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