Episode 82: Grey Sister



We’re back after a brief hiatus with our first ever Live Cultures sequel episode. Matt picks Mark Lawrence’s second novel in his Book of the Ancestor series, Grey Sister. We’re happy to catch up with the same happy go lucky Ninja Nuns we met in the first book (at least the ones that weren’t brutally murdered)! In which: We discuss giant celestial moon mirrors, demons, puzzle boxes, and why you should care about shadows.

Note: The audio at the very beginning and then also Matt’s audio sucks on this episode and you may need to turn up your volume, I apologize for his sound quality. I still think the content is worth listening to till the end, especially for our recommendation and discussion of “The Terror”.

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Episode 74: Dark


Spoiler WARNING! We spoil this series swiftly and thoroughly, so if you have any desire to enjoy it then watch before you listen. It’s my pick this week, and we all ended up really liking the twisty, turny, irst ever German language Netflix original series, Dark. More importantly, we liked talking about it, and even started to figure out who is who in this complicated series of events, people and timelines.

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Episode 70: Limetown



In our 70th episode we get all meta with my pick by reviewing another podcast, the 2015 serialized fictional story of Limetown, whose creators just announced a second season coming in 2018.

For some of us the show lands and we’re kept up at night haunted by pig squeals. For others, it’s a big miss and the Napoleon’s plight falls on deaf ears. We get a good discussion from our differences, so give it a listen, and just ignore that timer counting down in the background, we’re sure it’s nothing!

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Episode 40: Foundation


It’s good to be back! In our 40th episode we discuss the classic science fiction novel, Foundation by Isaac Asimov. How many different ways can we pronounce the character names in this book? How dumb are scientists? What exactly is a Seldon crisis and when will the next one arrive? Are you prepared? Flabbergast Malcolm by listening all the way through one of our longest episodes yet to find out!

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