Episode 81: Netflix’s Lost in Space


We discuss Malcolm’s pick, the first four episodes of the Netflix reboot of Lost in Space.  Mal and Matt  didn’t get to the good parts, and think this series is just OK.  BUT my robot face goes from swirling red anger to happy purple clouds as I make my way through the entire show. That’s right, I love this. I think it’s great. Don’t fight me, just watch it and then listen to our discussion…

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Episode 79: The Firm


This episode Matthew picks the early 90s legal thriller “The Firm”. Tom Cruise has sex on a beach, Gene Hackman has a drinking problem and a really cool tub, and the girl from Water World has an adorable dog! What’s her name? No one knows anymore! Also, Holly Hunter is in this movie! Also, so are a lot of Xerox machines and a man waving a stamped envelope around! They play a bigger role than you might expect. AND Gary Busey is also in there… for a second…Ok, ok, so this is kind of a weird movie… Join us in discussing it and stay tuned for our next Tom Cruise legal thriller episode… coming soon!

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Episode 78: The Boss Baby



Malcolm thought he was sentencing us all to certain doom when he picked last years OSCAR NOMINATED animated feature “The Boss Baby”. Little did he know that one night, mid-way through viewing, he would receive this shameful text from me.

“I. love. Boss Baby.”

Did everyone succumb to this immortal entity’s thrall, or did some resist? Listen to find out!

Episode 74: Dark


Spoiler WARNING! We spoil this series swiftly and thoroughly, so if you have any desire to enjoy it then watch before you listen. It’s my pick this week, and we all ended up really liking the twisty, turny, irst ever German language Netflix original series, Dark. More importantly, we liked talking about it, and even started to figure out who is who in this complicated series of events, people and timelines.

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Episode 73: Dune (Mini Series)


The siblings are discussing Matt’s pick, the definitely not at all cheesy 2000 Syfy (then still Scifi) mini series Dune. And we discuss everything you didn’t realize you wanted to know, including giant spice worm human god hybrids!

Would this show make any sense at all to someone who hadn’t read the book or would it just be a mad fever dream of BRIGHT blue eyes, oddly deep voiced women, worms, and fat men? Also, just how ashamed should Scifi be of their CGI? Get your spice fix and give us a listen!

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Episode 71: Journey Back to Christmas



Just in time to accompany you on your holiday journeys, where ever they may take you, it’s a new episode where we discuss the questionably delightful Hallmark movie “Journey Back to Christmas”.  Is there such a thing as too many adorably named Golden Retrievers? Will those kids ever stop looking at their darn phones and learn the true meaning of Christmas? And will Candace Cameron Bure perish in that storage shed or will the magic Christmas comet save her? Find out by giving us a listen!

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Episode 70: Limetown



In our 70th episode we get all meta with my pick by reviewing another podcast, the 2015 serialized fictional story of Limetown, whose creators just announced a second season coming in 2018.

For some of us the show lands and we’re kept up at night haunted by pig squeals. For others, it’s a big miss and the Napoleon’s plight falls on deaf ears. We get a good discussion from our differences, so give it a listen, and just ignore that timer counting down in the background, we’re sure it’s nothing!

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