Episode 77: Amazing Race


Some of the siblings eagerly engage with the visceral fun of this race to the finish line reality show, while we all struggle, some more than others, to accept the challenges inherent in embracing this very  American perspective on a jaunt around the world. Some of the teams are vile, some are oblivious, and some are a lot of fun. Tune in to hear what we think!

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Episode 74: Dark


Spoiler WARNING! We spoil this series swiftly and thoroughly, so if you have any desire to enjoy it then watch before you listen. It’s my pick this week, and we all ended up really liking the twisty, turny, irst ever German language Netflix original series, Dark. More importantly, we liked talking about it, and even started to figure out who is who in this complicated series of events, people and timelines.

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Episode 61: Baby Driver


With the first mind change in our podcast’s history, Malcolm and Matt manage to convince me and special guest Chris that this movie is actually pretty good.

But first, would you rather have a demon clown or a demon wishing box? Also, we experience the breathtaking realizations that Jamie Foxx is scary and Ansel Elgort is a cool name to say out loud.

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Episode 60: The Bachelorette



WARNING: This is not a Bachelorette episode recap podcast! With Malcolm’s pick, we discuss this show in general, and some of the most egregious candidates of this season specifically. We agree Rachel is charming, bright, and generally deserves better, but we differ on the moral implications of watching. Overall though, we’ll always remember the roses, creepy dolls, and often unpleasantness of this popular show.

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Episode 54: MacGyver



We discuss the first four episodes of the 1985 long running hit TV show, MacGyver. It may sound like it’s all fun and flare guns, but between problematic ’80s casting choices and stereotypes, as well as eye bleedingly boring plot contrivances, we discover that this show’s genesis is anything but good entertainment.

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Episode 41: Other Space


We’re discussing a sitcom you never have heard of, but should see!  In this episode we’re talking about Paul Feig’s TV masterpiece, Other Space. Or, if it isn’t a masterpiece, what is it if not an opportunity to see some actors gnaw off each others legs… Tune in to find out!

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Episode 26: The Leftovers



When 2% of the population disappears all at once for no reason, what would you do?  Take an oath of silence and join a weird cigarette smoking cult? Shoot a bunch of dogs?  Act completely smug and nonsensical just to annoy Malcolm as much as possible? Listen to find out what I’m talking about as we discuss the first three episodes of the HBO series The Leftovers.

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